Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Why Clean Your Roof?

Overtime, black streaks form on the surface of roofs leaving a dirty appearance. Not only are these dark streaks unsightly, but they also shorten the life of your roof. These streaks are an accumulation of dirt, mold, mildew, and algae which form over time and in response to the changing seasons and temperature. The most common type of algae seen on the surfaces of roofs is gloeocapsa magma. Gloecapsa magma is spread by airborne spores and is typically seen in areas of high humidity. Gloeocapsa magma along with mold and mildew eat away at the shingles loosening the mineral granules and exposing the substrate; over time this will lead to roof destruction and subsequent repairs. In order to avoid having to replace your roof prematurely, it is imperative to keep the surface of your roof clean and free of all organisms.

Roof cleaning is the most cost effective way to get your roof back to a “like new” state. It is important for homeowners to note that roofs should NOT be power washed. Power washing can severely damage shingles and remove the protective coating on the shingles causing irreversible damage.

Roof Cleaning Services

What We Offer!

Mr. Clean Power Washing is certified in roof cleaning through UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) we have the expertise and cutting-edge equipment needed to complete all roof cleaning projects safely and thoroughly.

Our company utilizes the soft wash roof cleaning system for all roof cleaning projects. This system is the only one recommended by (ARMA) Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association. We use roof safe chemicals along with low pressure to clean the surface of your roof killing all organisms and mold spores to ensure that your roof is clean and stays looking clean. We offer a 2 Year Roof Cleaning Warranty with each full soft wash roof cleaning service that we provide, and as always, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions about roof cleaning or our roof cleaning techniques, be sure to give the professionals at Mr. Clean Power Washing a call! (443)619-3133.